Paul will be presenting on Thursday, December 21st at 12 pm MDT at the Human Resources Association of Treasure Valley (Meridian, Idaho). The topic will be Five Keys to Building a Culture of Development.

The economy is quite strong and today’s highly capable talent has multiple employment and career options. We’ll discuss best practices to help ensure that your talent contributes and stays engaged for the long term.One of the keys to retaining your best talent is providing great career development opportunities. What are the secrets of success in creating a sustainable culture of development? This presentation outlines five essential components to ensure your organization is a place where people can excel and achieve their potential. We’ll walk through some examples and help you assess how your organization is doing in building a ‘Culture of Development.

We’ll focus on the following learning objectives:

  • Explore trends affecting today’s career development practices in organizations.
  • Learn the five keys to building a culture of development and why each is important.
  • Assess your own organization’s development culture against best-practice criteria.

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