EQometer™ – The Emotional Intelligence Solution*

Overview: A one-day workshop and assessment based on a highly interactive, discovery-based learning approach. EQometer  accelerates the development of six critical emotional intelligence competencies to create measurable career and business impact. Participants complete (prior to the workshop) the EQometer  which was designed by a team of social and behavioral scientists, instructional psychologists and psychometricians. The framework is divided into six competency areas, three of which are focused internally while the other three are focused externally:

  • Self-Regard
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Regard
  • Social Awareness
  • Social Management


Anchored in cutting-edge research, the assessment and workshop are built on the core logic that emotional intelligence is the primary enabling skill for creating psychological safety. As confirmed by Google’s Aristotle Project, psychological safety is the essential requirement for team and organizational performance.

  • Increase personal emotional intelligence.
  • Build your team’s psychological safety.
  • Model brand ambassadorship.
  • Demonstrate greater interpersonal effectiveness.
  • Create career and business impact.

Audience: People leaders or anyone expected to influence others.

Delivery: Current version is instructor-led classroom.

For more information, call 208.488.4486 or email: pterry@paulterryconsultinggroup.com

*This course is offered in partnership with LeaderFactor. Paul Terry is a senior partner and certified facilitator with LeaderFactor.