EPIC Change & Transformation™*

Overview: Leaders must learn change management as an applied discipline. EPIC Change & Transformationis a one-day workshop that helps leaders apply a process, key behaviors, and a set of tools for each of the four EPIC stages of change. The workshop is based on the book EPIC Change (Jossey-Bass Publishers) by Tim Clark, Ph.D.

  • Evaluate
  • Prepare
  • Implement
  • Consolidate

Objectives: Following the successful completion of this course, participants will have completed an EPIC Change Roadmap for a critical change initiative they are working on. The roadmap will serve as a guide to help navigate the stages of change and avoid common pitfalls and failure patterns. As participants lead subsequent change initiatives, they are able to increase their change leadership capacity and foster an organizational culture of change agility.

Audience: Individual contributors with change leadership responsibilitiesand people leaders.

Delivery: Current version is instructor-led classroom.

For more information, call 208.488.4486 or email: pterry@paulterryconsultinggroup.com

*This course is offered in partnership with LeaderFactor. Paul Terry is a senior partner and certified facilitator with LeaderFactor.
**Course can be modified for half-day delivery if required.