We provide measurement services to our clients in a broad range of areas, from helping them create multi-rater assessments from their competency frameworks to individualized tools for assessing the impact of a strategic initiative or program. Click here for more information about our consulting services.


  • Training/program implementation—we help our clients ensure they’re getting the most from their training investment
  • Custom measurement tools for individual or specific needs around strategic implementations, performance, employee retention, or group feedback results
  • Custom 360 survey design and follow up—we help our clients get the most from their multi-rater feedback process by ensuring that the items assessed match the development need and provide useful feedback


  • We don’t try to push one specific assessment tool over another—we’ve worked with a variety of technology platforms and are more interested in the actual survey items than the specific technology platform used to access the instrument or tabulate the results
  • Experience in developing very short, simple survey processes to rather complex large implementations involving multiple sources of data
  • Research and statistical expertise—Paul has done global research projects and has access to statistical experts who can ensure the tools and results will meet the need


Our work can range from recommending an off-the-shelf instrument to creating a completely customized survey to the meet the client need. We have relationships with several technology service providers and are happy to work with others. Our main value is in writing the specific items and consulting on the measurement process, including statistical analysis to ensure the best client results.