Strategic Thinking & Agility™*

Overview: Strategic Thinking & Agility™ is a one-day** workshop that teaches participants five applied disciplines that are crucial to high performance in highly dynamic environments:

  • Discipline One: Systems Thinking
  • Discipline Two: Value Creation
  • Discipline Three: Trade-off Discipline
  • Discipline Four: Rapid Response
  • Discipline Five: Strategic Networking

Objectives: Following the successful completion of this course, participants will be able to apply the following five strategic thinking & agility tools to improve their (1) systems thinking, (2) value creation, and (3) rapid response:

  • Consequence Map (Systems Thinking)
  • Systems Map (Systems Thinking)
  • Cost/Value Matrix (Value Creation)
  • VCTR Framework (Value Creation)
  • Rapid Response Cycle (Rapid Response)

Audience: Individual contributors and people leaders.

Delivery: Current version is instructor-led classroom.

For more information, call 720.304.8025 or email:

*This course is offered in partnership with LeaderFactor. Paul Terry is a senior partner and certified facilitator with LeaderFactor.
**Course can be modified for half-day delivery if required.