While many assessment providers have numerous off-the-shelf products, at Paul Terry Consulting Group we help clients with custom assessment and measurement needs. We have access to statistical specialists who can react quickly to meet a client’s specific needs.

Examples Include:

  • A special feedback survey for one person in a unique position or with a particular development need. Most assessment firms will ignore this need, or encourage the client to use a standard survey, or charge such a high fee that the client is discouraged from pursuing the request. We can help. We will work with the client to determine the right measures, items and rating scale to meet the need and then provide post-survey feedback support.
  • Employee Retention. Why do people stay? Why are people leaving your company? How do you know? We help our clients create useful data collection processes to better understand the reasons for turnover and how certain improvements can make a difference.
  • Measuring the results of a particular strategic initiative. Sometimes clients need to gather data on how a particular change or strategic initiative was perceived by the employee population or perhaps others. We can provide support to create a unique survey to gather the specific data requested.
  • Analysis and support of group feedback data. At the team or function level, we help clients determine ways to work more effectively together by analyzing the key themes, issues and opportunities across the group, and then working with the team to make progress. We can do this whether we use our own data collection process or the client’s.


Our approaching usually involves a combination of in-person meetings, phone coaching, assessments and interaction with sponsors and other resources as needed.